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Hello, GRAI.

A robust and decentralized currency supported by a thriving ecosystem.

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0% Interest Rate

Borrow GRAI interest-free, with a 2.0% one-time fee paid over 6 months. Go shorter, pay less.

Productive Collateral

Borrow against liquid staking tokens while still earning the underlying staking rewards.


Support the decentralization of Ethereum by borrowing against minority liquid staking tokens.

How it Works.

Borrowing in Gravita is easy. Just follow these steps.

Select a Vessel and deposit an asset as collateral. Borrow GRAI with a maximum fee of 2.0% and enjoy 0% interest indefinitely.

Liquidity Pools

Boost earnings with GRAI in DEX liquidity pools.


Audits & Security

Gravita has been audited by the industry-leaders in blockchain security.

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    Smart Contract Audit

    Apr 2023

    See Report
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    Smart Contract Audit

    Apr 2023

    See Report
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    Bug Bounty Competition

    May 2023

    See Report

Mission Control

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Our trusted partners & investors.

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