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Maximize the value of your liquid staking tokens by borrowing against them interest-free.

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0% Interest Rate

0% Interest Rate

Enjoy interest-free borrowing with a low max fee of 0.5% for positions longer than 6 months. Take a shorter term position and pay even less.

Productive Collateral

Productive Collateral

Unlock the potential stored in your liquid staking tokens. Borrow against them and maximize their productivity - all while still earning those underlying staking rewards.



Make a difference in the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting minority liquid staking tokens - especially those emphasizing decentralization.

How It Works

Borrowing in Gravita is easy. Just follow these steps.

Step One

Borrow GRAI

Open a Vessel to deposit collateral. Borrow GRAI with a maximum fee of 0.5% and enjoy 0% interest indefinitely.

Depositing collateral, and borrowing GRAI
Step Two

Deploy GRAI

1 GRAI = $1. Swap or spend it however you like, or deposit in our Stability Pool to purchase WETH and LSTs at a discount.

Deploying GRAI
Step Three

Repay GRAI

Close your Vessel and withdraw collateral at your convenience. Repaying within 6 months grants a partial refund of the 0.5% fee.

Repaying GRAI

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Liquidity Pools

Boost earnings by deposting GRAI in DEX liquidity pools.






Audits & Security

Gravita has been audited by the industry-leaders in blockchain security.

  • Dedaub logo

    Smart Contract Audit


    Dedaub is at the forefront in the smart contract security and auditing space. They have performed over 100 audits for leading DeFi protocols, and white-hat hacked prominent protocols with billions in TVL.

    Apr 2023

    See Report
  • Omniscia logo

    Smart Contract Audit


    Omniscia is a team of experienced smart contract auditors & developers with deep expertise building and securing complex decentralized networks and applications. Their engineers have been building and auditing distributed systems that power multimillion-dollar economies since 2017.

    Apr 2023

    See Report
  • logo

    Bug Bounty Competition is a decentralized cybersecurity protocol. Anyone, anywhere can find vulnerabilities contribute to protocol protection in a fully decentralized manner.

    May 2023

Core Team

Get to know our skilled and comitted team.


Rhett Shipp

Founder, CEO



Sr. Blockchain Eng



Sr. Blockchain Eng


Cory Cleaver

Designer/Frontend eng



Growth & Strategy

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